Brady Beauchamp

Corporate Strategy Advisor
Brady Beauchamp

Corporate Strategy Advisor at Woobies, President at Patriot Games, Partner at Moore Venture Partners, Co-Founder at Debut Biotechnology, ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-US Navy Submarine Officer. Studied at US Naval Academy, London School of Economics, US Naval War College.


There’s something to be said about loyalty within the Death Squad; both loyalty to our team and loyalty to our customers. I’ve known Anthony, the founder, for 25 years.  We both enlisted before 9/11/2001 when the world looked a bit different than it does today.

Having a tight knit group in any undertaking is important but I’d say in the early stages of company building, that allegiance to a common mission takes on a whole new level of significance.  Our North Star at Woobies is to empower the everyday elite...and we’re just getting started.


I grew up in the foothills of South Lake Tahoe not too far from the gold discovery site in Hangtown, CA (they call it Placerville now). It was easy to be outdoors all the time...dirtbikes, guns, snowboarding, fishing, rafting, beers. The thought of immediate college seemed like a bummer so I enlisted in the Navy without my parents permission...being 18 had its perks. When I left for bootcamp my uncle said “Life is the sum total of your experiences; so go get some”. I did.

I spent 13 years in the Navy and then transitioned back to the private sector...somehow landing a job at Goldman Sachs where I was back at the bottom of the barrel in a different type of bootcamp. It wasn’t the easiest of transitions but the lessons I learned and the work ethic I gained while in the Navy prepared me for that experience as well.

Now I find myself entering a new phase of life; parenthood.  My wife and I are expecting a little boy this October and we couldn’t be more (nervously) excited.  But I’m sure we’ll sort it out.

Like all growing businesses, Woobies is bound to have inevitable shortcomings. However, with the collective experience of the Death Squad and the overwhelming support of our customers...we’ll keep this train on the tracks and bound for glory.

Go get some.