Sonny Hoang

Executive Assistant at Woobies
Sonny Hoang

Executive Assistant/Marketing at Woobies

family and friends first

Though Sonny may be dedicated to his work here at Woobies, he still makes times for the people that matter the most, no matter what.

The Interview

Question 1 - Where were you born?
Sonny Hoang - I was born in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Question 2 - What school(s) did you attend?
Sonny Hoang - I graduated from Robert E. Lee Highschool in Tyler Texas in 2019. I then went to Tyler Junior college to study computer science.

Question 3 - What did you do after graduating?
Sonny Hoang - I decided to take some of my entrepreneurial side hustles more seriously and ended up finding myself in eccomerce and enjoying it.

Question 4 - What was your first job?
Sonny Hoang - My first ever job was being a busboy at Texas Road House. It was one of the worse experiences out of all my jobs in the food industry. Though I have my respect for those that are in this field, I wish to never work in it again.

Question 5 - What do you like to do in your free time?
Sonny Hoang - I enjoy playing basketball or going out to NBA games, video games, working out, or just spending quality time with my friends and family.

Question 6 - What inspired you to pursue your job?
Sonny Hoang -  My idea of a dream life included complete freedom. Entrepreneurship and eccomerce have the ability to make that a reality. I also enjoy my day-to-day work-life schedule as well!

Question 7 - How would you describe Woobies in 3 words?
Sonny Hoang - Small But Mighty.

Question 8 - What has been your favorite project at Woobies?
Sonny Hoang - I greatly enjoyed our Veteran’s week event in Baltimore and Philly. We had hosted a Ruck March that rewarded free tickets to a Ravens Football game right after the march. It was also awesome to put together and highlight a multitude of Veterans all throughout the week of and not just on Veterans Day.

Question 9 - What are your goals and aspirations?
Sonny Hoang - I wish to expand upon my early career and look forward to flushing out any more business opportunities and friendships that I can get ahold of. I also would like to own a cyber truck at some point in the future.

Question 10 - Is there anything else you would like to say to our veteran community and customers?
Sonny Hoang - I have never served for our country so I can never truly grasp the sacrifices that our veterans make for us to stay safe at home, but I say from the bottom of my heart, thank you!