Q: How do the mod-1’s fit

A.Traditionally sized, you don’t have to worry about it being a size up or down


Q: How do pre-orders work?

A. When an item is out of stock you may select the pre-order option instead. We will reserve your item so that when it comes back in stock we ship it out ASAP. Pre-orders take on average 1-3 weeks to arrive after purchase.


Q. How to process a return or refund?

A.We will need the order number, a note in the box referring to the return/refund, and summary of the issue and if it’s a return/refund/exchange.


Q. How long are the laces?

A. All Woobies come with 52in laces.


Q. How do I clean my Woobies

A. When it comes to cleaning your Woobies just keep it simple. We recommend using warm water with a little soap. Use a wet cloth or a brush to spot clean and air dry. The insoles are removable and easy to clean using the same process stated for the shoes.


Q. How do I know when new shoes are dropping?

A. Typically we restock every week but frequent updates are available on our instagram and our email subscribers list.


Q. Do Woobies shoes come in wides?

A. We currently do not but we do have plans in the future to start producing wide shoes.


Q. Is there a Woobies brick and mortar store I can go to?

A. No, we do not. We are 100% online.


Q. What are the shipping times?

A. Generally same day shipping for orders fulfilled before 5:30pm CST, if not shipping within 1-2 days.